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Chain Lashings

Complies with AS/NZS4344

G70 Gold Lashing Chain
AMG G70 Gold Lashing Chain
100m drums

6.0mm 2.3t Stamped: AMG70 4344.2.3
7.3mm 3.0t Stamped: AMG70 4344.3.0
8.0mm 3.8t Stamped: AMG70 4344.3.8
10mm 6.0t Stamped: AMG70 4344.6.0

G70 Chain & Hooks
Pre-Cut Buckets of Gold Grade 70 Lashing Chain fitted with Cradle Grab Hooks at Both Ends
Each Bucket Set is Supplied with a Batch Indentification Tag and Test Certificate

6m AMG Bucket Set of 7.3mm 3.0t
9m AMG Bucket Set of 7.3mm 3.0t
9m AMG Bucket Set of 8.0mm 3.8t
9m AMG Bucket Set of 10mm 6.0t
Lifting Chain
Lifting Chain
AMG G80 Black Lifting Chain to EN818
Sold Per Metre (Cut Length)

6mm G80 Chain Lashing Capacity 2.2t
7mm G80 Chain Lashing Capacity 3.0t
8mm G80 Chain Lashing Capacity 4.0t
10mm G80 Chain Lashing Capacity 6.3t
13mm G80 Chain Lashing Capacity 10.6t